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Alan FitzGerald

Founder, Practice Connections

Clayton Oates

Director, QA Business

Dale Beaumont

Professional Business Speaker, CEO of Business Blueprint

Heather Smith

Chartered Accountant. Cloud Solutions Expert. Author.

John James

Growth Marketing Consultant

Julia Bickerstaff

Owner, The Business Bakery

Kartik Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard

Lauretta Finis

Director, Quick Bizness Bookkeeping Solutions

Marcus Crow

Director, 10000 Hours

Nigel Fellowes-Freeman

Founder and CEO, Expense Check

Ray Corcoran

Business Growth Advisor

Robert Barnes

Leader, Strategic Product Partnerships, Intuit

Robert Gerrish

Venture Strategist & Founder of Flying Solo

Tim Hoopmann

Founder and CEO of Spinn Business Solutions

* More speakers coming soon. Speakers are subject to change.

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